Mr. Shine Car Wash – The Professionals Who Care for Your Car

Did you know that your car can be damaged by acid rain, the sun’s harmful rays, and road salts? These things can deteriorate the condition of your car over time. Luckily, this is not a problem that you should be worried about. Getting your car washed by a professional at regular intervals will protect your car from those threats.

A professional car wash can benefit you in many ways. Have you ever given thought to  how many extra gallons of water you waste when you wash your cat at home? This is a serious concern, not only are you wasting a precious resource, that is water, but what about, soap, oil and other harmful ingredients. At Mr Shine Car Wash, the water is used judiciously all the while giving your car a thorough shine. The used water is also treated before it is allowed to go into the sewer system.

The condition of your vehicle changes people’s perception of you, regardless of the type of car you drive. A regular wash from a professional keeps your car in excellent condition, and it also raises the resale value. Everybody loves to drive a thoroughly cleaned car, I mean, who wouldn’t?

Mr. Shine car wash will take care of your car with tender care and in an environmentally friendly way. Visit Mr. Shine car wash at any of these two locations, Oshawa and Ajax, and drive away with confidence.

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